The Process

This video shows the 5 step process that we use to work together to build a memorial for your loved one

1) We figure out where the plot will be (see more in Cemetery Planning here)
2) You control the cost, finish, and color to fit within your budget and cemetery restrictions
3) Together we plan, sketch, AutoCAD our ideas into 3D rendered designs offering different shapes, colors and models
4) Once you approve it, we cut the design into a rubber template, create a stencil and adhere
it to the stone
5) It is then sandblasted at the shop

Learn more about Installation and Delivery here.

At Hudson Valley Memorial Group, we realize that you may be in need of a headstone for a loved one — or perhaps you’d like to plan a memorial in advance. Whichever situation you find yourself in, we will help you through the process with skill and compassion.

If you would like to plan a memorial for the future, please visit our Prearrangement page, where you can read about how to get started with the benefits of preplanning.

If you need a headstone for someone who has recently passed but have never ordered one before, it makes sense that you may not be sure where to start or that you have questions during this sad and reflective time.

Please rest assured, because you are in the right place. Hudson Valley Memorial Group realizes how important it is to honor and remember the person who occupied such a special place in your heart. We will use our expertise to provide you with helpful resources and honest advice.

Our caring and professional staff will present you with the best design options to create a meaningful memorial for a person who will always be special to you by helping you select the perfect size, shape and granite color.

We will also help you find a design to suit your budget, assist in selecting the right cemetery, and help ensure that you make informed decisions that will stand the test of time.

Rock of Ages sculpture

What You Can Expect from the Caring Staff at Hudson Valley Memorial Group:

we listen and consult.

To create a memorial that truly honors the legacy of the individual you wish to pay tribute to, we will first take the time to learn about their personality and the life they lived. Then we will help you select a monument configuration and walk you through our customization options to create a memorial as unique as the life it celebrates.

we get your approval before we start work.

Depending on which is more appropriate for your memorial, we provide you with either a skillfully hand-drawn or accurate computer-generated scale representation of your custom-designed memorial. This process allows you to see the end result in your mind’s eye and make any necessary changes before we begin creating your stone.

we handcraft each monument.

Our in-house artisans, known as some of the best in the industry, help you tell the unique story of the person you wish to memorialize through beautiful stone and intricate design. To ensure quality, we hand-pick the stone to carve — which can be any size or shape — and our team of craftsmen use various engraving techniques to create the careful detail of your approved design. Learn more about granite selection here.

we personally install our work.

We finish the process by delivering and securely installing your custom-made memorial at your cemetery site. See our installation videos here. Every monument is personally inspected by a member of senior management before it goes into the cemetery and installed to ensure it stands the test of time.

We stand by our work.

As meticulous craftsmen, our diligence makes our work beautiful and meaningful. We’ve honed our skills for eight generations and take pride in what we do, making excellence our business. Hudson Valley Memorial Group’s entire headstone ordering process is based on a system of quality control developed over many years. With accountability sign-offs at every phase, we ensure that each monument is designed, built and installed to exacting standards.

We are proud to guarantee our work with warranties like the exclusive Rock of Ages Warranty.

Depending upon the design and granite you choose, your memorial may need service later. Please read more about cleaning and restoration here.

We invite you to call our office and learn more about how we can help tell the history of the person most important to you through exceptional memorials.