Talk of a Lifetime

After the loss of a loved one, surviving family members are often unsure how to approach creating a fitting memorial. Because they are also grieving, the choices they need to make surrounding a family member’s passing can, understandably, feel overwhelming.

At Hudson Valley Memorial Group, we are honored to help families with these important choices each and every day. Over many years, our team has helped hundreds of local families navigate the process successfully.

We recommend prearrangement of your memorial, an intelligent and considerate solution that ultimately benefits everyone.

When your wishes are already spelled out, your family can reduce the number of delicate decisions necessary and instead take the time they need to grieve your loss. In addition, they can rest assured that you will receive the memorial you specifically chose. This frees them to focus on a life well-lived and reflect on its joys rather than being consumed by practical matters.

Preplanning is also very helpful for you. It allows you to consider your exact wishes for your memorial with ample time to understand what is possible and to choose carefully.
Considering your memorial early also allows you to create a smart funding plan that can be paid in increments. In addition, preplanning brings tremendous peace of mind because you can rest assured that your family will be minimally impacted, and your wishes will be honored to the letter.

While pre-planning one’s own final arrangements may at first seem unnerving, it actually allows you more freedom and helps your family cope. By exploring your own end-of-life options before the need arises, you can make choices for your memorial with the help of our helpful and compassionate staff.

At Hudson Valley Memorial Group, we are familiar with the best ways to plan your memorial and are ready to assist you. We can talk you through cemetery options as well as memorial ideas and based on our conversations, discover the right options for your eternal rest.

Often, preplanning ends up being one of the most precious gifts you can give your family — and yourself.

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