Angela Minozzi connected with a friend of the family that donated the tree for Rockefeller Center. She was so moved by their story, she just had to do something to commemorate it. In 1959 Mrs. Schultz and her children bought a Christmas tree while it was small very fragile… it had to be “incubated” in a pot! There is sat until it was time to be planted out in their yard, where it grew to 77 feet tall. The Norway Spruce was just perfect in size and shape, it was selected by head groundskeeper at Rockefeller Center.

Angela asked me if we would make a plaque honoring the event. Karyn carefully consulted with the family and designed the piece to the family’s exacting vision and my uncle Tom Minozzi carved it perfectly. My father Charles expertly recess mounted the custom porcelain photo of the tree and Alan rounded out the team by managing and coordinating production to the last detail, and was there as always by my side, helping me lift the 130lb marker 😊 Orange county Monuments donated the piece to the family.

Below are the photos of the ceremony where are the plaque was presented. The plaque was made from North American Granite and family artisans and will be placed at the site where the tree was Planted more than 50 years ago.

I’m blessed to be surrounded by people who care the way my team does. It brought tears to the Schultz family as they read the meaningful wording Karyn expertly designed on their Plaque.