Monument & Mausoleum Delivery

After designing and creating the components of a unique memorial with you, Hudson Valley Memorial Group can also provide safe delivery and exacting installation.

No small feat, the placement of a monument must be undertaken with forethought and planning as well as a deep knowledge of the trade, the materials and the site requirements.

Because we are well-versed in the technical aspects of memorial construction, we attend to details such as proper mortar ratios, leveling, turf condition and other important practical details beforehand to create an enduring monument to your loved one.

To start, each component of your memorial is carefully pre-packaged for travel, ensuring it arrives in perfect condition for installation.

On site, we keep safety considerations at the forefront so that our team stays out of harm’s way as they lift and move the weighty components of your loved one’s memorial. By using a unique combination of trusted world techniques in conjunction with today’s most capable heavy machinery, we ensure correct and lasting placement.

Each move is one of precision and care, orchestrated by Charles Sr., who is present at every installation, calling on his many years of experience to ensure the important requirements for proper installation have been met.

Click the images below to watch Hudson Valley Memorial Group install custom designed mausoleums.

The videos below to see the extensive safety and balance checks we employ.  Note Charles Sr. checking the balance of the load before unpacking and sensitivity to the mortar mix consistency.  Every detail is critical to ensure that these mausoleums endure the test of time.

To see a gallery of some of the custom designs we have created for local families, please visit our Mausoleum Design and Construction page.

Please see our helpful guide to Selecting a Cemetery, where you can learn more about regulations pertaining to the building of mausoleums, which vary by site.

Or contact our knowledgeable staff with any questions – we are here to help guide you every step of the way, whether your memorial installation is a headstone or an entire mausoleum.