IT Professional / Consultant / Customer Experience Specialist

Since he was a child, Joseph has always been a technology “wizard,” learning about customer service and electronics in equal measure at his father’s knee in his family’s TV, electronic and repair business.

Always exceptionally close to his father, Joseph tragically lost his dad to cancer at age 13. Through this painful experience, he developed a passion for helping people with the loss of their own loved one and is always looking for helpful ways to ease the journey for families memorializing a family member.

Like his sister Angela Gareri Minozzi, Joseph has an unshakable core set of values and relationships are extraordinarily important to him. As a member of the family, he has grown up around the memorial trade since he was a child and is close with Vice President Anthony Minozzi.

Over many years, Joseph has lent his tremendous technological expertise to many areas of Hudson Valley Memorial Group. Always eager to jump in and lend a hand wherever he can, his specialized knowledge complements the work of the entire team. He is universally recognized as very helpful in the field — and just about anywhere problems need solving.

Joseph’s dedication to patiently gathering data and listening carefully allows him to bring the very best solution to the table for the benefit of the families who rely on Hudson Valley Memorial Group for caring guidance during their time of need.

Using emerging technologies, he integrates software to improve customer experience at Travis Monuments. Joseph refines graphics, rendering and overall performance of the software systems the team relies on to represent memorials visually. He also applies infrastructure technology and software to ensure that the customer’s experience is positive and meaningful. In providing the best images of memorials for families making important choices about their loved one’s memories, he strives for excellence. 

Because he is especially skilled at asking questions, learning and gathering data from trusted people in his circle, he is able to construct the most effective platforms for customer experience and implement them proficiently. Joseph also innovates new showroom design to make each contact families have with Hudson Valley Memorial Group is professional and smooth.

Joseph cares deeply for the environment and is always looking for ways to minimize the company’s carbon footprint, including owning an electric vehicle and coaching company leaders on eco-initiatives for interior and exterior lighting. 

With technology, efficiency and other strategies, Joseph stays on the cutting edge of today’s ever-changing world. He is always looking ahead for new tools to make the valued community Travis Monuments serves feel like family.