Our Ethical Commitment

Hudson Valley Memorial Group makes it a point to work toward social responsibilities of reliability, dignity and sensitivity as we partner with families and other segments of the memorial industry.

We follow a distinct protocol developed to ensure quality and pride ourselves on safe, efficient, on-budget projects, from simple memorial stones to large and elaborate mausoleum installations.

Through care and diligence spanning eight generations, we have built a reputation for excellence, one monument at a time.

But our commitment goes even deeper than daily mindfulness in our own business. We make sure we do right by the families and communities we serve. Beyond that, we strive to improve the memorial industry as a whole, starting with our state.

Hudson Valley Memorial Group’s President, Charles Minozzi Sr., is a past member, President and board member of the Board of New York State Monument Builders Association (NYSMBA). His son, Anthony Minozzi, Vice President of Hudson Valley Memorial Group, is a current board member, past President and the current Treasurer.

They volunteer as leaders in order to inform themselves about the latest industry developments and to lend their voices to the discussion of how the monument industry should evolve.

Spearheading Legislation

To ensure that families are treated fairly, Charles Sr. and Anthony also helped pass New York State legislation designed to protect consumers from unscrupulous business practices.

In 1998, they were part of a NYSMBA team who drafted language to pass the Anti-Combination Law. This law came about because some unethical businesses were packaging death care goods and services in ways families did not understand, which made them unclear on what exactly they were purchasing.

In 1999, the Separate Contract law was enacted to require that monument contracts are created apart from any other document related to the purchase of other cemetery or funeral goods.

Charles Minozzi Sr. played a major role in this initiative, which requires that families be clearly shown the planned memorial before they actually purchase or receive it. This industry-leading law was written so that memorial businesses are required to provide scale drawings, sketches and illustrations. In this way, families can see the monument in their mind’s eye and sign off with confidence on the monument designed to pay tribute to their loved one.

In 2013, Anthony Minozzi represented Hudson Valley Memorial Group as a member of a team of NYSMBA industry professionals working on legislation to ban unsolicited contracts.

The purpose of this law is to prevent misunderstandings and most importantly, protect families who have just lost a loved one. Because families are routinely contacted by a variety of companies at a delicate time, the correspondence may be confusing. As a result of this law, when legitimate businesses send correspondence to families to introduce themselves, the word “solicitation” must be clearly visible. This helps the family differentiate which documents are from reliable sources and which may need to be researched further. It also helps avoid premature or uninformed decisions.

Over many years, the Minozzi’s have consistently put in extra time and effort to advocate for families so they know their rights and can navigate the death care industry safely.

Code of Good Practice

As members of the Monument Builders Association of North America, Hudson Valley Memorial Group takes the Code of Good Practice seriously and is proud to adhere to its tenets of ethical commitment and certification.

This code specifically details how we honor warrantees, how our creations are inspected for quality, how our work matches with what families agree to, how contracts are honored and how financial concerns are addressed fairly. It also discusses our obligation to stay abreast of new techniques through education and improvement programs.

Read more about it here.

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Do the right thing, no matter what. Our name is on each monument we make

Anthony Minozzi

Vice President