Estate Planning & Preneed

In our industry, we use the term “Preneed” to describe planning one’s end of life affairs in advance.

There are many reasons to plan a family estate or family member’s resting place in advance. At Hudson Valley Memorial Group, we find that Preneed planning becomes a real benefit for the entire family.

While this may at first seem unnerving, we find that families eventually take great comfort in having navigated the choices ahead of time. When memorial decisions are made ahead, families are able to focus on the grieving process with less pressure and to reflect properly on a life well-lived. They can rest assured knowing their loved one will receive the fitting memorial that they planned to pay tribute to their unique life.

You may have very particular wishes including the location you would like to be interred, how the ceremony will unfold, or what attire you prefer. The caring staff at Hudson Valley Memorial Group will make sure your desires are fulfilled and are experts at providing help where you need it.

Sometimes, other family members inquire about Preneed plans for their elders because they want to ensure that their loved one’s wishes are recorded when they are still able to clearly communicate their choices. These family members have often discussed the estate and burial in advance.

To learn how to approach end-of-life topics, please read more at Talk of a Lifetime , where you will find helpful tips for conversations about the things that matter most to a family member’s legacy.

Another reason many families complete a Preneed plan is that Medicaid may allow burial benefits.

Should you prefer to purchase or simply plan the details of your monument or headstone in advance, we are here to guide and help you every step of the way, at no charge.

Armed Forces members please note that veterans’ memorials are often offered at no charge. Read more about the benefits on our Veterans’ Memorials page or click a button below to be taken to the Veteran Affairs website and relevant information.