Charles Minozzi Sr.

President / Master Stonemason

Influenced by his grandfather, a master designer, and mentored by his stonemason uncle to develop his remarkable artistic talent, Charles Sr. learned the secrets of old world craftsmanship at an early age.

Since the age of thirteen, he has been conceptualizing, designing and creating memorial tributes. With decades of practical experience, Charles Sr. is a master craftsman part of eight generations of continual artistry in stone.

Charles Sr. excels in the nearly lost art of manually sketching and drafting stencils, which form the basis of every monument created by Hudson Valley Memorial Group. He is able to carve nearly any theme into stone with skill and refinement.

Charles Sr. is involved in the consultation, creation and installation of all Hudson Valley Memorial Group stone memorials, still relishing every minute of the process.

His incredible natural ability to help people to create what they have in mind and what they don’t know they have in mind is a gift he shares graciously. Charles Sr. drafts, designs, sets, and repairs a wide range of monuments in various materials and is often asked for by name by those who have seen his work.

Many examples of Charles Sr.’s commissioned pieces are prominent throughout the area. The Rockford, New York historic Thurgood Marshall Commemoration in front of the town hall stands out as a notable project, commemorating the movement to end racial segregation in area schools.

Using a proprietary method he developed himself, Charles Sr. is called on by regional churches, cemeteries, shrines and seminaries to recondition historic marble statuary (links to gallery images). The result is a finish so durable it actually resists weather and maintains its beauty longer than when it was new.

He generously donates his time to groups who have been entrusted with maintaining otherwise abandoned or dilapidated cemeteries. With his outstanding restoration and repair skills, Charles Sr. has helped keep cemeteries such as the Civil War Cemetery in Airmont, the Newburg Catholic Cemetery and the Stony Point Cemetery looking their best for future generations.

An active member of the Rotary community service organization, he frequently helps groups like the Eagle Scouts to honor local heroes. Please see his bench dedication to firemen here.
Charles Sr. has served on multiple industry boards, including Westchester Monument Builders, Associated Monument Builders (New York metropolitan area), and New York State Monument Builders where he has served as President.

Leading the company with passion and a commitment to an exacting standard, Charles Sr. routinely creates custom designs unavailable with standard templates at a high level of excellence.

Through his unwavering dedication to the craft, Hudson Valley Memorial Group has been honored with several coveted Rock Of Ages industry awards for performance and customer satisfaction.