Charles Minozzi Jr.

Custom Projects / Construction Foreman

Raised in the family trade from a young age, Charles Minozzi, Jr. brings 30 years’ experience as a construction foreman to Hudson Valley Memorial Group. He oversees complex projects and assists with memorial design, always with the ultimate goal of helping families sensitively memorialize a cherished loved one.

A team player and a master supervisor, Charles ensures that even the most difficult and elaborate installations go according to plan and stay on schedule. He is routinely able to find creative solutions to design challenges that, on the surface, appear insurmountable.

When the team is called on to complete especially technical granite installations, and the margin for error is essentially non-existent, Charles shows his remarkable ability.
Charles’ construction knowledge is invaluable not only in monument work, but in restorations of memorials, mausoleums and in commercial granite applications such as signage. Peers appreciate his insightful problem-solving skills on a wide range of designs.

Charles says that he sleeps better at night knowing he helped someone do something that they may not have been able to accomplish without him. Each time he installs a stone memorial or brings a broken statue back to its former glory, he is always cognizant that the piece is “for someone’s mom or dad, or someone’s spouse or sibling,” and that “someone loves this memorial.” He cares for each stone memorial as if it belongs to his own family. In this way, he uses his extensive practical knowledge in concert with his own giving nature.

For more than 22 years, Charles has generously given his time and heart as a volunteer firefighter for Hastings-on-Hudson. A proud native of the village, he feels it is a way for him to give back to the community — and he loves the camaraderie that is shared with fellow volunteers. He is grateful that his family monument business has been able to contribute to various firehouse projects in the tri-state area.

In his own words, “In the family monument business, we work hard — and that can be difficult at times. But I enjoy that everyone I work with is in it together. I feel like you can’t go wrong if you treat every project you are on as if it were for your own family — and that is exactly what I do. I’ll sometimes sit back and look at what we’re making and ask myself ‘Is this the best way to do this?’ And I love that I can always pull my father or my brother in and we can talk about what we would do differently. While we don’t always agree, I have to say, the customer always benefits! I like that we all put our heart first. It keeps us aligned in our goals.”