Anthony Minozzi

Vice President / Mausoleum & Custom Project Designer / Rock of Ages Certified Memorial Counselor

Anthony Minozzi is a compassionate and exacting leader who cares for every employee and client as if they were his own family. Like his father, brother and uncles, he shares a lifetime of industry expertise gleaned from the rare experience of learning the trade as a child in the family business.

This knowledge ensures that each customized monument comes together using precise skills and careful orchestration. Peers describe Anthony as uncommonly conscientious, making sure that each monument is crafted to perfection. This includes assessing the quality of the granite and overseeing design detail while always reflecting the artisanship present for eight generations of his family and instilled in him since he was a child.

Anthony was groomed in a very disciplined work environment where quality came first in every case, no matter what. This strong work ethic taught him that the monuments made by Hudson Valley Memorial Group carry the family name and that nothing is worth compromising what generations of Minozzis have painstakingly built. This awareness brings an unwavering navigational foundation for the decisions he comes up against every day.

While attending college at Long Island University and earning his bachelor’s degree with a minor in Psychology, life events changed the course of Anthony’s education. In 1999, his mother was diagnosed with cancer and passed away almost a year later. Anthony decided to channel his deep loss into action by minoring in Human Loss and Bereavement so he could help others through the grieving process. After that, he earned his master’s degree in Business Administration with honors and later, became a certified Rock of Ages Memorial Counselor.
Anthony has been appointed to manage projects that have spanned past Presidents, prominent New York, New Jersey and New York City mayors, shrines and seminaries, townships and police departments in New York and New Jersey. He and his father, Charles Minozzi, have been entrusted to design and construct more mausoleums and columbaria in Rockland cemeteries than anyone else in the area.
He has served on multiple industry boards, including Westchester Monument Builders, Associated Monument Builders (New York Metropolitan area), and New York State Monument Builders where he has served as President and is currently Membership Chair.