Memorial Counselor & Production Oversight

Angela grew up in a large, close-knit Italian family in southern Westchester. Like her first cousin Anthony Minozzi, Angela has been a part of the memorial trade since childhood, watching and learning its many nuances as she grew.

In their family, a strong work ethic based on Old World European values was instilled in the children at a young age. Perhaps as a result, Angela has the rare ability to excel at whatever responsibilities are set before her. She thrives in a busy work environment and never wavers in her attention to detail.

Angela’s unique role at Travis Monuments has two important aspects: Memorial Counselor and Production Oversight.

In her role as Memorial Counselor, Angela is truly gifted. She sincerely enjoys helping others and shows remarkable compassion, treating the families she assists as she would her own relatives and providing conscientious care.

With her natural tendency to empathize, she is consistently able to translate family members’ specific desires into a memorial that reflects their love. She is honored to serve in this way and gives tirelessly of herself every day.

In addition to her exceptional performance as a Memorial Counselor, Angela also shines in her Production Oversight role. To succeed, she draws on her past experience working at General Foods, where she tenaciously navigated the competitive corporate environment. At a mid-sized law firm in Westchester, she worked for twenty years, starting as a receptionist and retiring as the Office Manager, proving her diligence.

Angela is the mother of two grown children who graduated with scholarships, now making a name for themselves in corporate America, a testament to the continuing family commitment to excellence.

In her spare time, Angela enjoys recreating traditional recipes from the past generations of her own family, emphasizing the value she places on relationships and familial bonds. Angela is proud that Travis Monuments’ family business shares a common vision for excellence and a commitment to know each family personally.