As a highly valued member of the Travis Monuments team, Angela is dedicated to keeping business running smoothly through her exacting attention to detail, strong work ethic and ability to stay on schedule.

Angela handles accounts payable and receivable, payroll, and general accounting, keeping careful records, maintaining confidentiality and staying current with vendors.

Committed to excellence regardless of what it takes, Angela displays tremendous ownership of each of her projects, often staying late into the night to make sure everything is complete and correct.

At the same time, her remarkable gifts go beyond her vital accounting role. A special generosity of spirit allows Angela to gracefully put families first. Talented at anticipating people’s needs and making them feel special, she has lovingly built a community network of family and friends that, in turn, allows her to expand her circle of support.

The first of her family to be born in America, Angela learned about business from an early age from her father, whose commitment and high level of responsibility to his electronics service and repair shop became fundamental to her character. As Angela spent time helping him, she gained the insight and understanding that now acts as her compass.

In the ninth grade, Angela met Anthony Minozzi and later, the two spent much of their high school and college years with each other‘s families. Their experiences are parallel in that they both come from incredibly hardworking Italian-American families with a profound dedication to quality work, personal integrity and a focus on relationships.

After Angela and Anthony were married, she held positions at Wine Enthusiast Companies, starting with Accounting Clerk. She was quickly promoted to the Accounts Receivable/Collections position and soon after, the main Staff Accountant position, where she reported to the Controller. As the company grew and her employers recognized her unique skills with people, she held the position of Human Resources Manager. After ten years, Angela decided to pause her career as she raised their three beloved children, two boys and a girl.

As the children grew older and Angela considered working outside her home again, the Accountant position became available at Travis Monuments. She was excited at the thought of joining her husband and being part of the family business, as she had as a child.

Whenever possible, she likes to bring her children to visit the office so they can learn about the business and help their father and grandfather. She hopes they gain a deeper understanding of the dedication, responsibility and respect she learned from her own father years ago.