Operations Manager

Alan Genee’s previous positions were widely varied, underscoring his ability in many areas. He was a Design Consultant for private wine cellars and a Director of Operations for a large New Jersey trucking company hauling high-end appliances. He also directed a large Sales and Customer Service force for a wine storage accessory business, overseeing product development and marketing to a customer base of 1.4 million consumers. In addition, he holds a degree is in Psychology.

Because of this unique array of skills, he is perfectly suited to his position of Operations Manager at Travis Monuments. Alan oversees the day-to-day operations of the business, managing duties as diverse as scheduling setting, supervising the completion of inscriptions in the cemeteries and ordering all the granite needed to create the monuments.

Alan and Hudson Valley Memorial Group Vice President Anthony Minozzi have known each other since their high school days. Anthony says Alan brings friendship and loyalty to the company and often does not leave the office until early morning out of dedication to ensuring every single detail is on track.

For his part, Alan echoes the sentiment, saying, “The most enjoyable part of working at Travis Monuments is that it is a family owned and operated business. Working with [Anthony], his father, his wife and cousin are like working with my own family. Families that come into our offices can see it, as well. They know they are working with a family that cares about their memorial as much as they do,” Alan says.

Because of his tremendous skill and loyalty in many areas, Alan fills a unique leadership role in the company, created specifically for him over time. He is often asked by the company owners to participate in completing custom or highly complex designs because there is no question he will rise to the task.

Because of his strong ability to empathize, Alan also works as a memorial consultant, bringing a high level of sensitivity and intuition to the role. He believes that the work is a very important responsibility, one he does not take lightly. Alan is aware that families arrive in a very emotional, vulnerable time in their lives and they are looking for someone who can be understanding and trustworthy.

In his own words, “My previous experience has gained me an appreciation for the importance of understanding customers, connecting with them and not only earning their trust but exceeding their expectations,” Alan says. “I take great enjoyment in meeting with families and assisting them in designing monuments for their loved ones.” He considers assisting a family in memorializing the most important people in their lives an honor.

Alan brings compassion to every family he serves, and his background helps him understand a wide range of different families at their time of need. He is passionate about helping families design fitting monuments for their loved ones, especially in the realm of pre-planning, where he listens to his customers’ wishes and guides them with uncommon kindness, making a difficult topic both natural and comfortable.

In multiple areas of the business, Alan shines and consistently shows a true dedication to his profession.