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Welcome to the Hudson Valley Monument Group, bringing over 8 generations of headstone and monument building to the people of the Hudson Valley New York area.

About Us

Eight Generations At Your Service.

In 1899 in Naples, Italy, the Minozzi family worked as stone masons. They spent the first four generations honing their craft there and taking pride in old-world craftsmanship using traditional techniques.

In the more recent past, four new generations of Minozzis have been fortunate to continue their legacy by serving communities in the Hudson Valley area of New York as they bring enduring artistry to the United States.

The Minozzi family has built a reputation of excellence and trust that is more relevant now than ever. As a result, Travis Monuments, Orange County Monuments and Putnam County Monuments now collaborate to serve you as Hudson Valley Memorial Group.

Learn more about how our companies now collaborate to serve you as Hudson Valley Monument Group.


Charles Minozzi purchased Travis Monuments in Nyack, New York in 1998. It is the oldest of all of our monument companies, still operating from its original location and recognized as the oldest continuously operating monument fabricator in Rockland County. Learn more about the Travis Monuments location here.

A Strong Foundation

Charles Minozzi Senior was mentored by his uncle, an expert stonemason and craftsman, where he learned to appreciate the value of age-old techniques from a young age. During the 1950s, Charles worked after school and on weekends to expand his knowledge base and experience the wide range of projects he needed to become proficient. From early on, his uncle noticed that Charles was especially adept at the art of hand sketching and of translating those images to stone.

As he learned techniques and completed tasks under his uncle’s watchful eye, Charles was given projects of increasing responsibility until he had mastered every aspect of the monument building craft.

Today, Charles Seniors’ original designs are prominently displayed in many installations around the United States.

Charles Minozzi Sr at work engraving

Charles’ sons, Anthony and Charles Junior, were in turn trained in the business in much the same way he learned, maintaining a traditional education where the maestro teaches the apprentice in a progressive, natural way.

Each started with first cleaning the yard and shop area after school and on weekends. They completed tasks such as washing completed memorials and helping their uncles and father install them. Soon, they graduated to helping their uncles create templates that would later be cut into stone. On rare occasions, they were allowed the freedom to develop their creative thinking skills by working a design of their own on a scrap piece of granite.

Through all these tasks, like their father, Anthony and Charles Junior learned to enjoy participating as valued employees of the business.

Charles Minozzi Junior brings thirty years of respected work in the construction industry to Hudson Valley Memorial Group. This real-world experience makes him invaluable when the company is presented with technical challenges because he excels at delivering effective solutions. Charles has an incredible ability to perform and manage complex commercial installations and restorations for signage, pavers, masonry, mausoleums, columbaria and other projects.

He is also adept at ensuring that everything, no matter how complex, will go smoothly with the practical side of any project, whether he is overseeing a general masonry restoration or a large, ornate mausoleum.

A reliable and knowledgeable member of the team, Charles Junior is also a highly skilled and talented artisan. Charles Junior treats each project with respect and a high level of conscientious care from beginning to end.

Anthony Minozzi shares a lifetime of industry expertise gleaned from learning the family business from a young age. Both his master’s degree in Business Administration and his minor in Psychology and Human Loss and Bereavement inform his day-to-day responsibilities.

Anthony’s dedication to excellence is unwavering and reflects the generations of care that artisanship instilled in him since childhood. He has a lifetime of technical knowledge, so he understands what a complex project requires.

Anthony has studied design and technical drawing alongside some of the most respected industry names and is considered a gifted artist. His designs have been commissioned by many well-known mayors in New York, Connecticut and New Jersey as well as for a prominent New York City mayor.

His work has also been sought by town officials, police departments, civic locations, libraries, recreation centers, fire departments, cemeteries and seminaries.  Besides artistic talent, he also brings true empathy to his role, which allows him to connect with families in a genuine, caring way. A natural leader, he is skilled at understanding the needs of others and reacting with compassion and decisiveness.


The years he spent in the shop with his father combined with his academic training in business and design now align perfectly in his unique role.

Together, the brothers bring a level of expertise that can only be achieved through experience, dedication and a passion for their craft learned from Charles Sr., who mentored his sons in every aspect of the business, starting from the ground up.

A Range of Products and Services to Serve You Better

Hudson Valley Memorial Group offers many specialty products and services that go beyond traditional markers and monuments. They pride themselves on being a full-service collection of experts capable of every facet of the memorial process, from design to fabrication to creation to installation to repair and restoration.

Charles Minozzi Senior’s restoration work is an area of special expertise. Over many years, he has developed a proprietary statuary restoration technique which often produces a result with a finish that becomes more durable than when the statue was brand new. His skill at restoring marble and stone statuary is renowned and he is approached regularly because of the incredible results. Read more on the Headstone Cleaning, Repair and Restoration page.

Please visit the other pages of the website to explore the wide range of products and services we offer for families and businesses by browsing the topics that interest you most in the Design Gallery and Services sections. Hudson Valley Memorial Group uses years of knowledge and attention to detail to carefully craft and install lasting and beautiful monuments.

If you find that your idea is not covered on our website, please allow our team to assess the project and give you honest answers on how to achieve your goal successfully.


The skilled team of Hudson Valley Memorial Group’s in-house artisans begins fabrication only after your approval of the final design. Then we use tried-and-true techniques to make the collaborative vision a lasting reality.

Each monument is custom-built to customers’ specifications of shape, size and color, then further personalized by artwork and design, which results in truly custom monuments as unique as the lives they celebrate.

The options and variations available are nearly endless. What is consistent across all services is a commitment to craftsmanship and dedication to excellence.

Read more about how Hudson Valley Memorial Group customizes memorials with you in mind in A Few Words from the Heart shown below.


An Enduring Commitment to Craft

More than 120 years of expertise in the craft of monument and memorial building allows Hudson Valley Memorial Group to custom create monuments as unique as the lives they celebrate.

Technology and software advancements have improved the efficiencies and capabilities of monument making, but they haven’t altered the standards of excellence at Hudson Valley Memorial Group. Before any memorial leaves the facility, the shop foreman, usually a family member, takes the time to inspect every last detail by hand.

Hudson Valley Memorial Group and the Minozzi family feel a sense of pride and connection to each memorial they create and believe each one bears their name in some way, right alongside the name that is engraved on it. With each monument, they take that responsibility seriously, just as their forebears did back in Naples so long ago.

Read about Our Ethical Commitment here.


We are honored to have served so many families who have taken the time to let us know that they were happy with the memorial we crafted to cherish the memory of their loved ones.  Please click on any of the images below to see an enlarged version.

A Few Words From the Heart

At Hudson Valley Memorial Group, we will be honored to preserve and honor your loved one’s memory with a custom-designed and carefully-crafted memorial.

We understand that choosing a monument is a meaningful experience meant to honor your loved one and serve as a lasting tribute for all time. Because the decision can also take place at the most difficult time in your life, we work personally with each family member to customize every monument and memorial design.

We invest the time it takes to get to know you and your family, which allows us to understand your creative vision deeply. In fact, we do our research. We are honored to learn about your loved one and make it a point to listen carefully as we ask a series of specific questions about their life and personality. This way, we can design the memorial to best capture their spirit.

Our relationship with Rock of Ages quarry in Vermont allows us the flexibility to obtain virtually any size, finish, color or shade of stone available and our family of stone artisans can custom create designs unique to the individual.

We have done extensive research into the process of memorialization itself, a practice that dates back thousands of years across many cultures. Because it is truly the last gift you are giving your family member, studies show that being a part of the process can have a therapeutic effect.

Therefore, we welcome your ideas and input at whatever level of involvement suits you. If you prefer, we can handle the design details and complete the project while you focus on other important matters. If you prefer a hands-on approach, we are ready to collaborate.

Of course, like all of us, we are no strangers to loss and grieving ourselves and painful life experiences allow us to empathize with your loss. It is our hope that you will find our cohesive, family atmosphere comforting and helpful in your time of need.

We know honoring your loved one’s memory is profoundly important and we are committed to make the process as smooth as possible.

A young family member spontaneously kneels in the Travis Monuments showroom at a memorial, creating a quiet, mirror-image moment between angels.


Click on any of our member associations below to learn more about them and how they serve the monument building craft and its clientele.

Nothing is more rewarding then when a family sees the monument in the cemetery and is truly proud of the piece that we made together honoring what is often the most important person in their lives.

Alan Genee

Operations Manager